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Chess Kit Training Tactics Surprise Moves

Surprise moves are so remarkable they do not fit into any systematic classification. Even if they do, they are so astounding that their surprise value is the most impressive thing about them. Fred in his 36 examples, includes some that are notable because they violate a standard rule!

Once you get surprised, it is a good idea to go back to the starting position and analyse how the position could have been reached in actual game. For example, in the second game that we presented here, what could have been Black's previous move to reach this position? Why did Black leave his Queen hanging? Was it in the hope that Black can in turn capture White's queen? Is it going to be a simple exchange of queens with the White Knight trapped at the last rank with no escape squares? Probably Black thought that he could still capture the knight without getting his pawn structure undisturbed! Is it not possible to apply the same surprise Bishop sacrifice after the exchange of Queens?

Going back to the starting position, and analysing what needs to be calculated in case a similar exchange is left to the option of your opponent? Does your opponent have a tempo gaining move? Direct or indirect? Can he use them to get out of the trouble while you are left with your piece hanging?

If this is the moral we learn from one such problem, imagine how much of chess knowledge can be gained from carefully studying several surprise moves!

Good Luck!

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