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Have you bought the book 1001 Brilliant Ways to  Checkmate by Fred Reinfeld yet? It is a book every chess player must have!   

The first chapter Queen Sacrifices has 276 problems. In his brief introduction to this Queen Investment he says, When you have reached the point where a set-up in one diagram reminds you irresistibly of a similar pattern in an earlier diagram, you will have made progress. For that will mean  that the pattern is firmly fixed in your mind, and that you can apply it with devastating effect in your own games.

He is right. Fixing such patterns in your mind is very important. The possibility of such a position occurring in a real game is less. When it occurs what are the chances that you are going to find it. In my subconscious mind it is written that queen is such a valuable piece. So, I do not even analyse the possibility of sacrificing my queen. Likewise when I am defending I don’t even consider the possibility of my opponent sacrificing the queen to breakthrough. Its wrong! We must always keep this option wide open. Next time we are not going to pass over the position during a real game without realizing the glorious opportunity presented!

Let us see some recent master games after solving the training examples! We have no commercial link with Fred Reinfeld or the publishers. We strongly recommend this book for your own personal benefit and you may buy this at your nearest chess store.

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