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Chess Kit Training Tactics Promotions

Fred calls them 'Queening Combinations'.

According to him this is the most important of all the tactical themes, for successful queening of a pawn is equivalent to being a Queen ahead. And even if your opponent loses 'only' a piece in getting rid of the new queen, he has suffered a disastrous material loss. While he presents his students with 42 practical problems, he talks about how this theme could inspire a player to create a whole series of pretty tactical strokes. Unfortunately he does not talk about 'under promotion' but compensates well enough with several such examples.

We wish to avoid saying, 'The pawn queens' etc., but such commentary might appear in several places throughout this website. This is because the theme is firmly fixed in our subconscious minds as 'Queen the pawn'. It is always better to remember this as 'Promotions', as due considerations must be given to under promotions as well.

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