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Chess Kit Training Tactics Pinning

Fred Reinfeld's '1001 winning chess sacrifices and combinations' opens with a quote "Tactics is 99% of chess" and adds, "99% of fun, too!".

Some of the problems presented were probably played on the spur of the moment. They may not contain most accurate solutions and hence may not reflect their theme when you play them against the computer. It is all the more important to study such problems just to see how your theme on actual game can get defeated under accurate tactical calculations. Chesskit wishes to emphasize the fact that in reality your opponents do not have to always choose the moves from your wish list! If you try hard to find your move, you must try even harder to find the best reply from your opponent.

Under the theme 'Pinning', Fred presents 108 problems. He suggests that a frequent use of the pin is to pile up attack on the pinned piece!

Chesskit suggests that when you are under partial pin include moves that would not really care about the pin [resulting in temporary loss of material] in your calculations.

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