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Chess Kit Training Tactics Defensive Combinations

Fred admits that this may seem a surprising subject amongst other tactical motifs. He goes on to confirm that the best defence is never merely passive. Resourceful defence often calls for a thorough mastery of tactics. Without such mastery many a desperate position would utterly collapse.

With his examples, he shows us the power of active, ingenious defence... really counterattack. It has been well said that counter attack is the best defence.

Chesskit recommends that you choose one 'phrase' to remember the motif. It is not important how best the 'phrase' describes the motif but it is very important that the 'phrase' will automatically appear in your thinking process when you are under pressure. It is your individual decision and it is upto you to remind yourself of your own 'phrase' when you see equivalent 'phrases' in annotations, articles etc.,

Defensive combinations, counterattack, active defence, Resourceful defence, ingenious defence are to name a few such descriptive phrases. Hope it helps when it matters most!

Good Luck!

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