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Chess Kit Training Strategy Planning

Planning is something you do to achieve a goal. Without planning, your pieces won't know what to do - moving around aimlessly. How do you choose a plan? Well, look to see what strong points you have in the position. These could be more space, centre control or maybe extra pieces. Have a look at this position. What is a good plan for White?

White has good control over the d5 square in the centre. The only obstacle is the Knight on f6 - it defends d5. A good plan for White is to get rid of the Knight on f6. 1.Bg5! is the move planning to take the Knight and control the important central square d5! By the way, what would you play if it was Black's move? Yep, 1...h6! would be a great move. Black would keep his knight and keep control of d5. Happy planning!

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