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Chess Kit Training Strategy Introduction to Assess the position

Chess Kit welcomes you to this new section: Assess the position.

These positions are not created by Chesskit. They are originally used to test computer chess programs. Needless to say that many programs solve this within a matter of seconds. These positions are not from opening and hence they do not need opening book. And these positions are not end games, hence they do not need table bases. The chess engines that are built in with the right strategy will be able to pick the right candidate moves for analysis. 

This section is brought to you by Chess Kit to develop your ability to see various aspects of imbalance in the position to judge 'who stands better?' It is up to you to prioritize and combine some of them to visualize dream positions, then form a plan. Finally, generate candidate moves and calculate moves that could lead to such dream position against the best possible defensive moves.

While it is important to write down everything in the beginning, you must try and remember exactly what you thought both in terms of calculation and assessment as you progress through several problems in this section.

Always be aware of time. It is important to take as much time as possible in the beginning, you must try to cut short the time as you progress through several problems.

Please work on one position at a time to achieve the intended purpose. If you do not have enough time to do so, please avoid reading through the solution  as you will lose the opportunity to develop your skills.

As you are learning through, please contribute to the next generation.

Good Luck!  

Chess Kit


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