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Chess Kit Training Strategy Defense

Defense is needed in many games. No matter how hopeless a position is, there is always a chance to offer resistance. When your opponent is winning easily you should make it difficult for them. Hopefully they will make a slip.

Take a look at the position. Pretend you're Black and its your move. You're on the the ropes. You're king is weak and White is threatening to crash in with 1. Rh7+.

What would you play?

1...Qe5+ Superb!

This move forces off queens and now the Black king is well placed for the ending instead of being attacked. A smart move!

Here are some quick tips on Defense in chess:

   1. When getting attacked, swap off pieces.
   2. Avoid back rank mate. Give your king an escape.
   3. Don't give your opponent open lines.

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