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Chess Kit Training General Effective Chess Training

1) Copy and paste FEN positions in the examples to your chess engine is certainly a very effective method of training. Using Ctrl + C keys does not work here. So try highlighting the position, right click mouse and select 'copy'. chess engine program...For example Rebel Tiger II or Fritz6e, Hiarcs 7.32: simply press 'Ctrl + v' to paste FEN.

Play White against the engine choosing a reasonable level of opposition from your engine according to the time available to you. Then look in to the solution. Again try to repeat playing with engine. Within a matter of few minutes you can finish all this. This is the most effective method to improve your chess skills if you could not find a master to train you personally.

If you have other chess engines and found a method of easily doing this please post your message in our forum to help others.

2) Chesskit recommends '1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate' and '1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations' books by Fred Reinfeld. Solutions given by Fred Reinfeld may not always be the best ones but they best describe the theme and hammers the message in most effectively. See the analysis by chesskit in such cases. Trying to visualise the analysis will improve your tactics while imprinting Fred's analysis in brain will serve as an absolute foundation of your chess.

It is not enough to go through the problems and understand the solutions, but it is necessary to go through them regularly until the solution is recognised within a few seconds without any complex calculations....Well, to put it more bluntly...treat them as your basic multiplication tables and then see how you do complex numerical compare your own results of playing against others.. ..before and after!

3) For most of us, it is better to train regularly, for a duration that is fixed for individual daily schedule. I could be as low as 15 mins a day. Take stock at a regular interval for ex. weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Set new goals for the next 'stock take'. It is advisable to take time to review the past performance without fail. Avoid excuses 'I will catch up in the weekend!' etc., Even if something is learnt in such a short duration, it will let you down at the hour of need!

4) We all go through this at one stage or other! Yes! Work out a brilliant combination to win a pawn in the beginning of a game. As the game proceeds a whole piece is simply lost due to oversight. We put it to lack of concentration. How to improve it? There is a method by which you can improve it! You can well and truly measure it! It is as simple as 1, 2, 3, ....Yes. Have a few people watch you silently while you write the numerals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ....just keep writing this simple series increasing by a value of 1 every time....without overwriting...without stopping....without making a mistake!! During the first few times, it is better to give an estimation of the highest number you hope to reach. The moment the first mistake is made, people watching you must stop you right there and that is the highest number you have reached. What is the difference between your expectation and the actual? A word of caution: Please do not overdo it! Please do not neglect it as too simple without ever actually attempting it! You WILL be surprised at the outcome! From this you can generate your own series of various progression to increase the level of difficulty!

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