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Chess Kit Training General Introduction to engine analysis

Most people have at least one chess engine in the computer. Agreed! They are either Master or Grand Master strength engines. They usually announce the possibilities in the analysis window. How much of it, we are able to digest? And how quickly? Kasparov is analysing World Championship games in Kasparov Chess. Can we just read through the article and understand his view point? More than anything can we look at a 'so called poetry of chess' , namely composed problems and appreciate the hidden beauty in it?

To be honest the answer is 'No'.


Well, we don't have time!

Is it not true that we can not do it quick enough to accommodate the whole exercise in the available time? How do we do it? And quickly?

See more in depth!! And quickly!

It is not difficult. It is a matter of practice. Let us practice to look at analysis in chess notation and imagine the positions.

In the process we will also look at how effectively we can use our chess engines. We have chosen the World's best chess engines. Every engine presented here has its own style of playing. The idea is not to compare them but to make the best out of them. A few analysis methods are illustrated. Many more could not be covered.

Let us look at the motion pictures of chess board for a couple of minutes and then look at the notation. Verify if all the moves written on notation can be visualized. If not have another go at the animated picture. In a couple of attempts you will be able to clearly see all the variations without even looking at the board!!

If you experience difficulty first try and remember the squares first. For example point to a square below and and guess which square it is? e4 or e5 of c8 etc., Then verify with the corresponding coordinates. Try until you always get them right. Then you may attempt to read notations.

Always remember. Keep the temp. internet files so that you can see them offline too! When you train intensively, if you notice the earth moving under your feet, you are in the right place! Earth will stop moving by the time you get every position in your imagination or when you quit! You know when you will be better off! Remember 'Persistence Pays'.

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