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Chess Kit Training Classic Games Larsen vs Spassky

Here is another CLASSIC, this time played between Larsen and past World Champion Spassky. The game was played in 1970 in Belgrade. Don't blink, you may miss the action!

Larsen was famous for his unusual openings. !.b3 is not a bad opening. He plans to 'fianchetto' his bishop - that is play 2.Bb2 next. The only drawback is it let's Black take a free hand in the centre.

1...e5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.c4 Nf6 4.Nf3 e4
Spassky spotted a chance to grab some space and took it. He wasn't the World Champion for nothing.

5.Nd4 Bc5 6.Nxc6 dxc6
Black has doubled pawn but there are a few things in exchange. For example, there is:
1. An open diagonal for his bishop on c8.
2. An open d-file for the queen (and later the rooks)

7.e3 Bf5 8.Qc2 Qe7 9.Be2 0-0-0 10.f4

A mistake. White weakens his kingside. The f2 square is especially weak as we shall see later.

Good move. Black is hoping for the trap 11.h3? when 11...Qh4+ and White has a choice two moves:
1. 12.Kf1 Qf2 mate!
1. 12.Kd1 Nf2 big fork!

11.g3 h5

Black has prepared sacrifice.


13.hxg4 hxg3
The White king is looking weaker each move. White doesn't want to exchange rooks with 14.Rxh8 since his king will then have NO defenders.

14.Rg1 Rh1
WHAT THE? Has Black gone completely crazy?

15.Rxh1 g2
GO pawn, GO pawn. No we find the point behind Black sacrifice. He has passed ready to queen and a dangerous attack on the king using the h4 to e1 diagonal.

Huh? Well, if 16.Rg1 then 16...Qh4+ 17.Kd1 Qh1 18.Rh1 gxh1=Q+ 19.Bf1 Qxf1++ mate!

16...Qh4+ 17.Kd1 gxf1=Q 0-1
White knew it was all over and resigned!
After 18.Bxf1 Bxg4+ 19.Be2 Kc1 20.Qd1 Qxd1 21...Qh1++ Mate

You don't often see such short games between two great players.

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