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Chess Kit Training Fen Kit Play Fen Position

Your Sparring Partner!

Choose a level by clicking settings button and selecting either Time or Ply, so that you just manage to win. When it becomes too easy, set it one level higher. Your partner is waiting below, Click, drag and drop to make your move >>

If you see the board or pieces distorted, please click your mouse on one of the pieces, hold and drag it over the distorted area and let go of the piece outside the board when done.

Fen Kit Training Positions

Click here for the solution to file 4
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FEN Position

I am a lively chess engine!

I can respond to your moves. If you are playing a FEN Position, remember whose turn it is to start, White or Black. To move: click, drag and drop. Simple as that! If you want me to play faster, click settings button and reduce the time or ply taken per move.

Insert a FEN in text box then click "Insert FEN" Button to Insert a new FEN position. Click "Restart FEN" button to Restart the previous FEN you entered.

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