Stale Mate 3

El Idrissi,C - Laaroussi,A [B23]
ch-MAR Rabat MAR (4), 20.07.2001

Talk about outposts, advance support points all you like! A knight posted in to the opponents position in the vicinity of the opponents king exerts a vice like grip on the position. Do not tighten the grip too much!

48.Kd3 Bd7
A nice gift?!

49.Bxd7 Rg7
A deceiving move! Pretends as if the rook has trapped one of the bishops! White just failed to realise that it is no pretension. It is better to accept this as a fact!

Pinning and trying to stop the rook from grabbing the other bishop! Unfortunately it is a Stalemate! Draw!! Yes! According to Chess rules, when it is one's turn to make a move, and if no legal move exists when NOT in check, it is called 'Stalemate' and the game is declared as a 'draw'. [If 50.Bd6 Rxd7 51.Bf8+ was White going to win easily? You may copy FEN and play with the online sparring partner: 5B2/1p1r4/pP2p1pk/P2pPpNp/3P1P1P/3K2P1/3P4/8 b - - 0 51 ] 1/2-1/2

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