Knights :: Solution to Feedback 2

Puzzle composed by J.Fritz, Svobodne Slovo, 1950

White to play and Win

1.Ra1 threatening eventual mate via h1

[1...Be6+ 2.Kf6 threatening to pin the knight by rook on a7 2...Kg8 (2...Bd7 3.Ra7 Nd5+ 4.Ke5 Nb6 5.Rb7 wins) ; 1...Bh3 2.Rh1 pinning and winning; 1...Kh6 2.Rh1+ Kg5 3.Rc1 Nd5 (3...Nb5 4.Rc5+ (Not 4.Rxc8 Nd6+ 5.Ke6 Nxc8 draw! How is this position different from the main line?) ) 4.Rc5 wins]

2.Ra7 Nb5 3.Rxb7 Nd6+ 4.Ke7 Nxb7 5.b4
the knight is trapped! The best way to fight the domination of knights even in the middle game is to restrict their movements or occupation of outposts into your teritory. White must win as the pawn will be promoted to queen. *

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