Knights :: Solution to Feedback 1

Puzzle composed by H.Rinck, Basler Nachrichten, 1941

White to play and Win

1.Nf5 Be1 [1...Bg5 2.Kg4 Bf6 3.Nxd6+ Kxc7 otherwise the pawn will queen! 4.Ne8+ Kd7 5.Nxf6+ White can even afford to sac the knight for the Black pawn if he can promote one of his remaining pawns. There is no use retaining a lonely knight in the absence of White pawns to promote, it will lead to a draw...A sole knight can not force mate in an open board like this! ]

Notice how all the White pawns are on Black squares to restrict the Bishop's freedom.

[2...Bc3 All other squares are controlled by White. 3.Nxd6+ Kxc7 4.Nb5+ fork wins bishop!]

3.Ne7+ Kxc7 4.Nd5+ Kc6 5.Nxb4+ Kc5 6.Nd3+
Here the game is over in favour of white. Black might as well test your endgame knowledge simply by putting a resistence. Just be aware that you will lose all your winning chances if you lose the last of the white pawn. A sole knight even with the help of your king can not deliver checkmate in open positions! For that matter even two of the knights can not force checkmate against accurate play. When the endgame comes even the best of the chess engines that can calculate over one billion positions per second cries for help from 'tablebases'. It is a good idea to acquire some knowledge to set out plans that could save complex calculations. It will be a painful experience missing a win to settle down for a draw or even worse is losing! *

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