Rook 4 5 6

H.Rinck La Strategie, 1921 White to play and win. 1.Kb6+ Kd8 [ 1...Kb8 2.Ra8+ Kxa8 3.Rc8# ] 2.Ra8+ Ke7 The closer the Black king goes to the rook at g7, the better is the chance of supporting it when X-Ray attacked by White rooks. 3.Ra7+ Kf8 [ 3...Kf6 4.Rc6+ Re6 5.Rxe6+ Kxe6 6.Rxg7 wins] 4.Rc8+ Re8 The king is overloaded defending two rooks in two different direction. 5.Rxe8+ The better this gains a tempo by giving check. Capturing the other rook leads to a draw! 5...Kxe8 Forced. 6.Rxg7 wins. 1-0

H.Rinck La Strategie, 1921 White to play and win. 1.Rh8+ Ke7 [ 1...Kf7 2.Rh7+ Kf6 3.Ra6+ ( Blunder would be rushing the capture: 3.Rxc7 Re5+ 4.Kd4 Rxa5 draw.) 3...Kg5 4.Rxc7 wins.] 2.Rh7+ Kd8 3.Kd6 Re6+ 4.Kxe6 Rxh7 5.Ra8+ Kc7 6.Ra7+ Kc6 7.Rxh7 wins. 1-0

White to play and win. H.Rinck La Strategie, 1921 1.Rh8 Rd7 Must cut off the squares in front of the Black king from the a7 White rook&aposs influence. [ For example, if 1...Rd3 2.Kh7# See how the last two ranks are controlled by the two rooks. This is the idea behind the quiet first move from white.] 2.Ra8+ Ke7 escape square [ 2...Rd8 3.Kg7+ wins] 3.Rh7+ X-Ray attack 3...Kd6 [ 3...Ke6 4.Ra6+ Rd6 5.Rh6+ wins] 4.Ra6+ Kc7 Supporting the rook. [ 4...Rc6 5.Rh6+ wins] 5.Ra7+ wins. X-Ray attack...there will be two pieces attacking the Black rook at d7 as soon as the king moves but it will be defended by one piece. *

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