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Chess Kit Training Beginners Introduction

There are many ways to begin.

Kasparov Chess University is a place where you can begin and end up as a Grandmaster. They will still have something interesting for you to learn!

Visit and download and Install InterWise Software :

After you successfully install the software, download basic Student Tutorial and Learn to Play - Chess Basics at :;

After it is done please do not forget to visit:

To further advance your skills you may wish to subscribe to various courses they offer.

You may also visit various useful internet sites:


1. Visit Excellent website. Reported broken link on 5th December 2001. It's worth trying your luck.

2. Visit 365 Chess Lessons

    This may look like a great ocean of information. Do not miss to download 

           a) 1001 Brilliant Ways To Checkmate
           b) 1001 Combination 

Also buy these books written by Fred Reinfeld. It can be bought from any leading chess store. Whenever you are waiting, or travelling it is quite handy. Most importantly they will form a very strong foundation for you to build your chess castle.

3. Visit

Download free software that are quite powerful software like winboard Interface and the compatible freeware chess engines that work with them. They can also read your downloaded games in PGN (Portable Game Notation). They can also connect you to internet chess servers.

4.  combinations, practical endings, and annotated games

5. Reported broken link on 5th December 2001.


7. The list will go on for ever! And it is easy to lose your way!

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