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Chess Kit Training


Animated tactics in flash! Explanation, Analysis and some Master Games.

Contains 8 queens, Untouchable king, Specific Knight and Rook Training, See Deep visualization tool, articles on engine analysis, evective methods of training, a puzzle for your chess engine and many Morphy games.

Space, Defense, Planning, Middle Game, About Steinitz, Coordinates Test and Assess the position.
Fen Kit

A huge database of FEN positions linked to our Online Chess Program!

Six Golden Opening Rules, Opening Traps, Opening Theory and Opening Reference Sheet.

Basic Endings, Pawn Endings, Rook and Pawn, Four pawn ending, Wall of China and much more.
Annotated Games

Annotated games from the Australian Open 2003. IM Zong-Yuan Zhao annotates top board games

Articles on Zugzwang, En Passant, Stalemate, Basic Chess Rules and a collection of chess resources for the beginner.
Classic Games

Some excellent classic games played between the champions of chess.
Sparring Partner

An online chess engine written by Lex of Lokasoft for Chess Kit. Play from start position or setup your own position using FEN!

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