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Chess Kit » Software » Rebel 11.0 Review

What you get?

Classic Tiger 13.0 Engine
Gambit Tiger 1.0 Engine

Rebel Tiger II Program

L chess 4.00.3 Engine

Chess Partner 5 Interface

Century 2.0  Engine [Analysis]

Rebel 11.0


Century 3.0 Engine
Rebel 9.0 Engine

Rebel Century 3.0 Program

Rebel 8.0 Engine
Rebel 7.0 Engine
Rebel Decade

And you get more!!


With Rebel Tiger II.

Tactical puzzles 300 database - win at chess

World Championship games 821 played by champions and challengers not K/O.

Create your own databases

With Century 3.

Tactical- 48 combination tutorial database

Opening tutorial 864 lines by ECO codes, opening names and position display.

Anand - Rebel match all 8 games with analysis in a database. [Rebel won]

BT2450 database 30 positions

BT2630 database 30 positions

The big one  800, 000 games game base played by masters

Create your own databases


We appreciate all those who were directly involved in the games collection process. We understand that it was not an easy task for so many years as it can be done today….at the click of a mouse button!!

You also get CAT [computer analysis tree] and EOC [encyclopaedia of chess]

We all know that exclusive chess database programs do have better features but costs more than any chess engine program.  

And you get even more!!

Built in internet console server capability. We were testing this... expecting email confirmation of Logon name and pass word from FICS [Free Internet Chess Server]. Before even we blinked our eyes, Rebel Tiger logged on to the net and played three games!! All finished within a minutes time!! Where we are going today?!

Auto 232 capability to play computer - computer or computer - dig board.

Winboard engine adaptor

Simultaneous…stretch your brain..  play four computer opponents at the same time!

Various ways to play blindfold chess or to learn to play blindfold chess! We at Chess Kit believe that this option is a ‘must try’ to improve one’s own game!

Anti-human or Anti-GM option is very nice and they stop you from using anti-computer strategies.

Well. Century 3 deserves a special mention about adjustable personality [choose among predefined personalities like Anand, Kasparov, Fischer, Tal , or make up your own personality from beginner to GM strength] style, knowledge, selective search, search technique [normal, risky, overnight, deep, deeper, deepest], Attacking, Attractiveness [ spectacular to boring], Pins, Mobility, Pawn structure, bishop pair, pawn value, piece values, King safety and the list goes on and on! No wonder everyone is calling Rebel as the most human like player! We must add to this ‘ one life time is not enough to enjoy all the features!’

Analysis include / exclude option helps to check out specific candidate moves. Computer Analysis Tool (CAT), Logfile and automatic annotation are useful features for effective training. Complete game analysis and analysing games from database are features that any serious chess player needs. As these engines are among the strongest in the World, a lot of time is saved in analysis. And the quality of analysis is good as well. Different levels of playing strength to keep everyone from the range of beginner to grandmaster happy.

About the Engines:

Classic Tiger 13.0

Tactical Monster, you should enjoy computer-computer competitions, internet computer games and blunder checking your own games.

Gambit Tiger 1.0

You will enjoy playing with this genuine, different and attacking engine. It does not let you suffer too long on the receiving end. Gambit implies initial sacrifice to get advantage…see it for yourself!

Century 3.0

Most human like, with positional knowledge, adjustable parameters.

And we are more than satisfied.. but!!

Everyone is aware of the fact that the cost is for one chess program while we get two separate programs. Nobody will object to pay a couple of dollars more to improve the packing.

While we are all enjoying the chess with Rebel, I am sure that the Rebel team is working on continuous improvement, bringing all engines in windows and under the same GUI with same Database format.

A separate exclusive Windows based Database program so that you can splash a few of those good features in engine software. For example ..we like to transfer the current best line to game as a variation using key stroke. Then we may take the engine later on through the variation to check the validity of analysis. 

At the moment Chess Kit is not concentrating on End game. We leave this for a future wish list!

Chess Kit Recommends!

If you already do not have a recent commercial chess engine, there is no need to think twice while the price is half! We are going to use these engines extensively in our training. You will certainly feel at home. At the end of the day, besides feeling proud of owning one of the best programs in the World, you must ask yourself ‘how better the program helped me to improve my chess knowledge and ability today’.

What if you already have a commercial chess program?

People who are interested in pure chess:  It is our main policy to keep the ‘kit’ as minimum as possible and get as much as possible out of it! We do not believe in stacking your book shelves with whole heap of books and loading your computer with all the available software. As we do not know the type of software you are already using, we may not be able to advise you.

Your individual cases may be different. As we find these days, chess programs are used more frequently for entertainment value rather than personal development. For example using programs to play on the net [ICC, FICS] and using Auto 232 to play computer to computer competitions.  If you belong to this category, I am sure you can not afford to miss out on the bargain of the century!

When you get it...

You may order it over the net from Rebel…download straight away and start playing……while the CD is coming towards you by post!

There are two separate installations!

Register your product as this will make you eligible to access to online subscription area. In January/February 2001, Century 3.0 may be made available for download from online subscription area to be used as an analysis engine in Windows with Tiger.

It is easy to use Tiger under windows.

Century 3: DOS does not matter. After installation of the program please do not forget to install Rebgroup.exe and you can start from Windows ‘Start…Program..’ menu as any other windows program. Pressing ‘Alt’ + Tab’ can get you back to Win. Also before you move around explore rebelcen.hlp from CD.

CD refuelling is not required but it is not possible to copy CD.

Once you start enjoying the program please do not forget to visit our site everyday!

Good Luck!!

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