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There are a few world class companies making excellent software. There are many engines that can play at Grandmaster strength.


Engines mostly use their own opening book though you can change it! They play with varying strength with other engines and humans. They can also analyse the games you have played. It is usual for the new version of one engine to be stronger than its own older versions and the current version of other engines. But it may not be always true. There is stiff competition out there and the consumer has to weigh up a lot of other criteria while selecting the engine. Upgrades cost less than buying a totally new product. Compatibility with the database you are already managing and your Training Cds are also important criteria. If I have enough money I would love to buy all of them as I understand every top class engine has its own style of playing. The difference in the strength among them is much smaller than the difference in strength of one of the engines and me! (and most of us!). Most of the programs come with their own database and they also let you manage your own databases with limited features.

There are companies that make stand-alone chess database. You can : Enter, annotate and save games, including variations, text commentary, spoken comments, embedded pictures, soundtracks and even video sequences; analyse position with GM-strength modules; retrieve games according to openings, players and tournaments; generate tournament cross tables and full graphic statistics of players or openings; merge games on-the-fly into an opening tree; generate a player's dossier containing all available information from the database; find the new move in a game with one mouse click; generate a comprehensive openings report with main and critical lines, plans and most important games; search for material distribution, positions and manoeuvres, search for mates and stalemates; classify games according to self-defined middle and endgame criteria; print games  with diagrams and multiple columns; and much, much more...

Training material is available in the form of downloads, CDs etc. Opening, middle game, endgame training CDs are sold by most companies.

Worlds latest chess games are downloadable from many internet sites and they are available in CDs as well when you subscribe.

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